Meanwhile in Russia

Strolling through the heavily snowed-in Russian countryside on the last day of 2014 I encountered this guy. Seeing my camera he asked me to take some pictures of his animals. He is living in a small house together with eight goats, two black pigs, some cats and a lot of rabbits (he doesn't know anymore how many of them there are). Actually his animals have more living space then he. And he cares very much for them, constantly talking about them. Using all my rudimentary knowledge of the Russian language and his of the English one we had quite a long and interesting chat. At the end he offered to pay me 20 rubles for the pictures of his goats. I will give them to him for free... ;-)

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  1. You have to ask if to look for goats will cost more or not - may be you can make better cariere in that field :)))