2014 is almost over. And with up to +16°C here in Austria there is anyway no chance to make some decent winter pictures. ;-) So time to look back. Looking back to quite a turbulent year. A lot of traveling again. Started a few new projects. Changed camera system. Got married...

Here is so to say a (small) summery in pictures of 2014.

Into the Abyss
Started the year with my "Sphere" Project. A picture per day for half a year (or so)

February. Exhibition at the KUNST 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

Ocean born
March. We went to the Fotofest Portfolio Review in Houston, TX, USA. And did some pictures for Vika's Project "Life loves Death" in the beaches of Galveston.

April. Added some pictures to my "Ghost" series.

May. Going east. We drove to the Ural, visited Magnitogorsk, Arkaim and a lot of other nice places, crossing the border between Europe and Asia quite often.

June. Back in Moscow. Spent a lot of time in Gorki Park and rambling the streets...


July. Went to Arles again. Attended the Portfolio review. And spent some times at the beach too...

August. Moscow. Early morning in an empty park. The doll was just sitting there. Quite spooky...

Lost again.
September. Commuting (by car) between Austria and Russia. A opportunity to add some pictures to my "Lost" series...

October. The beauty of small things...


November. Started with my new project. "Tolerance".

December. Lets see where to the year 2015 will lead us...

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  1. Thank you! Got married immediatelly after new camera system! Appreciated! ))