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As I have the same feelings but couldn't write it better I want to reshare a blog entry by photographer Cole Thompson (I hope he don't mind)
Btw, his blog is realy worth reading

Cole Thompson:
Words Are Very Unnecessary, They Can Only Do Harm

In the beginning ws the scene, and teh scene was good.

But not everyone could see the scen, and so man invented photography so that all could enjoy the beauty.

And then other men invented th art expert. The experts did not think it was enough to simply see the beauty by the scene, they needed to describe the scene and tell us what it meant.

And that was not good.
_ _ _

We like to say that a picture is worth 1000 words. So why do some feel the need to dscribe an image with a fw paltry words?

People ask me "what are you saying with your image?" and I rspond: "look at it, what is it saying to you?"

The words from Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" echo in my head:

          All I ever wanted
         All I ever needed
         Is here in my arms
       Words are very unnecessary
       They can only do harm

Enjoy the image, enjoy the silence.


Thanks, Cole. My sentiments exactly. 

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