Waking up in places that are alien and yet become home with time. Lost in the thicket of geographical coordinates which subdivide our world. Being able to locate his whereabouts and yet not knowing exactly where you are. Foreign places that are feeling familiar, even if each looks different.

LOST. And finding yourself again.
Moscow, New York ... sometimes just a look out the window is helping to remember where you are waking up. Hotel rooms. Places that could be precisely determined, and which sometimes could become „home away from home“ (or have to be). For a short time only. What remains are memories. Sometimes you feel at home. And sometimes you just LOST..

This pictures are from “LOST“, my projects in progress about hotel rooms around the world: Small sections of a reality that anyone who travels, who is staying at hotels, will recognize. Realities, that are buried deep in the subconscious.

48°09'N, 17°09'E
42°21'N, 71°04'W 
52°31'N, 13°24'E 
29°46'N, 95°23'W
55°45'N, 37°37'W


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