I just want to say...

Austrian UN Forces at the Golan
Source: BMfLV (Austrian MOD)
Since 1974 there where Austrian soldiers based at the the socalled „Alpha Line“ at the Golan as part of the UNDOF, the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces, seperating Syrian and Israely troops there. For 40 years hundrets of young Austrians used this oportunity to earn a lot of money (currently the basic salary for enlisted personnel is € 3,850,- after tax per month - quite a lot of money for a 19 year old...). And for 40 years the Austrian government presented this engagement as an important part of the Austrian neutrality and as an effort for a peacefull world...

Now the civil war in Syria has reached the Golan region, rebell groups and the loyal syrian army are fighting there. So for the first time in the 40-years-engagement the Austrian troops encounted some (by quite unlikely) danger from this fighting. And within hours the Austrian government decided to pull out the Austrian troops, leaving the Alpha Line virtually unprotected.

Maybe somehow I have missunderstood the mission of UN Peace Keeping Forces. But shouldn‘t the mission be to be exactly on the ground when it gets though? Keeping the peace is easy when there is (at least some kind) of peace. What use do Peace Keeping Forces have when they run away in the case of troubles?

The Austrian soldiers stationed at the Golan are either volunteers or professionals, everybody has to know about the risk when he volunteers to go. So - at least for me - the calling back the troops from the Golan is just another proof for the Austrian way of life: Cowardice. All keepers and curtains. If it get‘s tough, run away...


  1. At least u can not say that the Austrian government does not cares about Austrian citizens - the only fully safe battles are allowed ;) Like in the Rosenburg for example ;)

    1. that has nothing to do with caring about austrian citizens...it has mor to do with elections in autumn and the basic antisemitic consensus in this country. as long as it harms israel its ok...