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The last weeks I was busy finishing my latest book "FRONTLINE". Yesterday finally I got the printed books...

Visiting the battlefields on the approaches to Moscow one can hardley avoid the imposing numbers of Soviet memorials. Along the 600 km long front line, there are large ones, such as the so-called Panfilov‘s Warriors near Volokolamsk or the Shtiki Memorial on the main road to St. Petersburg. There are the monuments at the Stop Line, the line where the German advance was finally stopped. There is a Monument to the Defenders of Moscow‘s Sky (near Mozhaisk), a Monument to the Sappers (in Volokolamsk) and the Monument to the Siberian Soldiers (in Lenino-Snegiri). Off the main streets one can find countless statues, memorials and graves of soldiers. Some of them are at the same time mass graves. But the majority of the fallen soldiers of the Red Army have no grave, no monument because two-thirds of the Soviet wartime dead have no known graves...

I did the photographs for this book in winter 2015/16. They are far from a complete inventory, should (and could) not be. They are showing those monuments and memorial that have impressed me most. And they reflect the mood that places radiate (at least for me). 

They should also be a reminder to the 20 million civilians killed and the seven million fallen Soviet soldiers of WW2. 

Here are some sample pages:

The first edition of this book is limited to 50 copies, all signed and numbered.

Copy #1 to #10
book numbered and signed
plus an exclusive fine art print
(34x23,7cm, matted to 40x50cm)
Edition 1 of 1, signed and dated ________________ € 99,- (+shipping)

Copy #11 to #50
numbered and signed ________________________  € 39,- (+ shipping)

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