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A few weeks ago I started with my new project called "Frontline". The background of this project is the WW2 Battle of Moscow, which took place  (according to official history) from Sept. 30, 1941 to April 2, 1942. Today it is seen as the largest battle between two armies of all time. Combining the totals for both sides, German an Soviet, approximately seven million troops were involved in some portion of this battle. Of this seven millions, 2.5 millions were killed, taken prisoners, missing or wounded bad enough to require hospitalization, 1.9 millions of them on the Soviet side. At some points the German Army reached the outskirts of Moscow but was stopped about 25 km from the Kremlin, today a car drive of about 20 minutes (if there is no traffic). The Battle of Moscow marked the first time Hitler's armies failed to triumph with their Blitzkrieg tactics and the German army never completly recovered from that defeat which is seen by many contemporary historians as the ultimate turning point of WW2.

Along the frontline of this battle there are today a lot of memorials and monuments remembering the heroic fight of the Red Army to stop the Fasiscts. With my project I want to document some of them. Seeing photography as a meaning of expression of one's feelings I am planing to "manipulate" my pictures in a way that they express the emotions I had while making the pictures. Here are first test to try out how to achieve this...

 "Alley of the Heros", Ruza
Near Ruza
Near Ruza 
Near Mozaishk
Near Mozaishk 
Monument to the "Sibirian Defenders of Moscow", Snegiri
The "Stop Line" at Snegiri
Monument to the "Defenders of Moscow's Sky" , near Moshaisk
The "Panfilov Warriors", Nelidovo
Monument to Zoya  (Zoe) Kosmodemyanskay, Dorokhovo

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