The Roman Quarry

The limestone quarry of St. Margarethen is one of the oldest active working quarries throughout Austria and is located in a flat landscape near the Lake Neusiedl.

Alread the Romans where using the quarry for the construction of Carnuntum, the capital of the province Pannonia at the River Danube and it gained national importance in the 16th century. The stone was used at that time for the construction of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna (and it is still the only supplier for the restoration work done there). Later numerous buildings of Vienna's Ringstrasse were built from this stone.

In 1959 the first Symposium of European Sculptors was organized at this location and today it is the arena for opera festivals in the summer (this year with Puccini's Tosca, directed by Robert Dornhelm).

In use since mor than 200 years...
Stonemason's work from the 18th century: The Symbols for culture, king and church
A sculpture ftom the first Symposium of European Sculptors, 1959
The surrounding landscape. More sculptures...
The stage design of Tosca.

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