Meanwhile in: Italy

Tuscanyshire - thats the name which is given (with tongue in cheek) to some parts of the Italian province of Tuscany. In some parts English is the language you here most, and many of the abandoned villages where (and still are) converted to summer houses for British (but there are a lot of Australiens and US-Americans too). This is not a new phenomenon as already in the 19th century people like Byron, Shelly, Heinrich Heine used to come to this parts of Italy. In the back country of the sandy beaches or beyond towns like Florence, Pisa etc. there are todaya lot of small villages, most of them inhabited only in summer. Driving on small winding roads up- and downhill through dense chestnuts forrests I today visited some of them...

The Alpi Apuane

Vico Pancellorum



A common sign: "For Sale"
At Luccio Castle (XI. century)
The Lima River gorge

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