Yesterday evening was the opening of the 2015 Bagni di Lucca Art Festival. And it was an amazing event. Bagni di Lucca is situated about 20km from Lucca in the mountains and has once been (and still is) a hot spring resort, where the (reach) people from Lucca retrieved during the hot summer month. Beginning with the 1970s a lot of shops on the main road where closed because tourism nosedived. A few years ago in the then still empty shops art galleries where established. And three years ago the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival was founded. It is a small one but with a outstanding flair.
I was lucky to be invited to participate at the 2015 Festival at the La Rondine Gallery (owned by Shonan Nunan and Michael Cartwright, two outstanding artists themselves) with my exhibition "Leftovers. Utopia revistited".

Here are some impressions from yesterday's opening night:

The "La Rondine" Gallery in Bagni di Lucca

Already during the preparation visitors dropped in...
After the official opening...
Contradictions. Soviet time peace monuments and italian (fascistic) war memorial... 
Final of the opening: A concert by the band "Mozait"...
...which lasted long after midnight.

You can find some of the pictures of the exhibition on my website gallery here.

A nice blog post about yesterday's opening:

Shona's And Michael's website:

The Festival website:

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