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Tolerance is another word for indifference. 
[W. Somerset Maugham]

Individuality. Habits. Features. Tradition. Beliefs. Needs. Desires. Preferences.

This is what defines us as a personality. That is everything what is valuable for us. We are ready to fight for our right to be what we are, to love what we love, but… we do not exist in a vacuum. We are social creatures, living in a society full of individuals different from us. So we meet other categories:

Society. Socialization. Law. Norms. Rules. Realities.

We consider our preferences like doubtless value, but we dependent on society. Sometimes our personal characteristics are in accordance with the demands of the society, sometimes they are protected by the society, but the rest? This very important rest starts the story of compromises, our attempts to fit into existing rules and to convince ourselves that we really need it...


The credo of contemporary society is tolerance for other people's peculiarities, even if this is creating a detriment of our own interests. The tolerance is strictly protected by laws, regulations and the public opinion. Set of institutions controlling its observance. But nothing, adjustable and guarded so carefully, can be a symbol of the real Tolerance...

The symbol can only be the case where the Tolerance is so natural and beneficial to all participants that there is it no need for regulation or protection. In our society there exist such a thing. A place where all of us forget about all the differences - language, nationality, family status, religion, the cost of insurance, political opinion, education level, age, social status. We do not care who was there before us and who will come after. We become tolerant to everybody because we all are human being...
[Text: Viktoria Dematté]


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