...or "The (re)discovery of slowness"

Battered, neglected for many years. But still working without objection: My RB67 equipment

Don't get me wrong. I'm really enjoying the work with digital cameras. A lot of possibilities which one could achieve with film only in a very complicated way - if at all. But sometimes I want to go back to my roots. 30 years ago, when i finished photo college in Vienna, digital photography was something we didn't even dream about. We had to do it the "hard" way. Large format camera, hidding behind the black cloth. Days after days in the darkroom, inhaling all this nice chemicals. Box after box of Ilford Gallery paper gone just to get one exhibition-worth picture… We had a lot of fun… And I would never have expected that i once would see working with my "old" cameras (still have my Nikon F4 and F5, my Sinar, my much-loved Mamyia RB67) as "experimental"…

A "hybrid", so to say. Mamyia RB67 meets Fujifil X-T1...

Yesterday i took my RB67 out of its case for the first time in years. Dusted it of, cleaned it. I did a lot of pictures, mainly landscapes, in the past. And I am pretty sure that I will use it quite often in the future. Depending how easy i can find film material and a labor…

Here some examples of what i did with the Mamiya, many years ago
Film developing, fine art printing, toning, all done by myself.

From the Scotland portfolio

From the Lanzarote portfolio

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