I am looking to some photographer's blogs on a daily base. Today I found an interesting article at Mike Johnstone's "The Online Photographer" blog (a blog i highly recommend btw.) about some statistics on photography. Here are in extracts some points which made me think a lot about being a photo artist...

  • As of today, there are an estimated 7.129 billion people in the world.
  • 6.786 billion of them have digital cameras.
  • 804 million people are having a show. This number fluctuates. The average number of prints sold per show is .007.
  • Approximately 2.6 million of the planet's residents spend some appreciable amount of time looking at other peoples' photographs.
  • Slightly fewer than 1.3 million people have a book out.
  • Cumulatively, about $44,800,000 was spent for photographs in 2012, which sounds good at first, but roughly half of it went to 21 photographers in L.A., NYC, Toronto, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Berlin, and Tokyo.

If I would have known about this stats... well, to late anyway. ;-)

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