Being up to the north of Russia in the last few days - at least as far north as one can get in a few days. And at least as far north as the road conditions there are allowing it...

One of the best streets up north...
By chance I found a story in an Austrian newspaper: http://derstandard.at/1373514313457/Mann-stahl-russische-Strasse.
It's in German, but in a nutshell it tells about somebody who tried to steal a whole road in northern Russia. 

*Man has stolen Russian road
Dismantled a total of 82 concrete panels with a crane truck
Moscow - In a night action a 40-year-old man tried to steal an entire street in the north of Russia. The thief had broken down with a crane truck a total of 82 concrete panels of a highway as the police in the Republic of Komi told. During loading of the items on truck riparians became aware of the man. The police arrested the road thief at a traffic control.
The stolen plates that connected the village with the River Partscheg, would have a value of 200,000 rubles (4,500 euros). The thief faces two years in prison. In Russia road parts such as gutters keep disappearing  and are sold to commodity traders.*

Taking into account the road conditions up there I somehow Ihave the feeling that it was not the only road that was stolen... ;-)

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